plan3-smallWe offer fully engineered final PDFs plans and CAD software drawings which are ready to build from. For select plans, we also provide a suggested materials list and budget to help guide your building project.

The cost of these plans is as follows if you did it yourself:

  • Architect: $2,000
  • CAD Designer: $500
  • Engineer: $2,500

$5,000+ total cost

Our price is $250 US that includes;

  • PDF construction plans ready to print and start building
  • AutoCAD software file (.dwg) for your designer/architect to edit/modify
  • building code requirements for Nelson BC, Canada
  • suggested details for design/seismic loads, concrete, wood framing/fasteners, backfill and metal fabrication

IMPORTANT NOTES: We don’t provide any details on wiring or plumbing in our plan PDFs or AutoCAD dwg files. Our plans are engineered for Southern British Columbia, Canada, and so you will very likely need to pay a local engineer to meet your area’s building code. We may provide suggested materials list and building budget depending on the plan you select (Cdn $).

Buy Tiny Roundhouse Construction Plans Now!
(Includes: Plan PDF, AutoCAD .dwg and Material List .xls file)